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"Dennis Slothower of Stealth Stocks was one of the few services to make money in 2008 and has a strong longer-term record."

-- Peter Brimelow, Market Watch

"Your advice to sell near the NASDAQ top last year was timely and helpful, while other advisory services remained on a screaming buy."

-- C. M., Austin, TX

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Over the past several years, it’s become increasingly clear how important it is to have a fresh perspective on the geopolitical events of the day…along with specific advice on how those events will affect the stock market.

One such investment advisor has been leading a small, but profitable group of investors to some extraordinary profits in both good markets in bad over the course of a 25+year investment career.

His name is Dennis Slothower, and readers of his monthly advisory service, Stealth Stocks, have been able to pocket some remarkable gains since its inception in December 2001.

Just how have Dennis and his readers been able to realize such extraordinary profits - in both good markets and bad - on a consistent basis?

The answer lies in the methodology Dennis uses every single day. Dennis’ “Stealth Stocks” system is designed to identify those companies that make money…and whose stock is about to move dramatically upward. To start a RISK-FREE subscription Click Here.

But perhaps even more importantly, Dennis also is an absolute master at taking into account how world news - the true “market-moving events” - will impact each and every investment in his trading portfolio. No one else does this any better than Dennis Slothower…and Dennis has been doing it for years.

And now -Dennis shows you how to profit from significant events all over the world.

But that’s just the beginning, really. Because the strength of Dennis Slothower - as his subscribers will tell you - is his ability to stay ahead of the “big event.”

For example…

• Dennis was one of the first investment advisors to warn about the coming effect of higher oil prices on the stock market and how OPEC declared “war” on the US economy…all the way back in the fall of 2002!

“ I want you to appreciate how much the price of crude oil has been strangling our economy over the past year and how OPEC is once again playing havoc with fragile world economies”. - - (Stealth Stocks Newsletter, October 2002). Trading crude oil and other commodities yields higher profits. Check out the öl profit app, which is an online trading system that allows you to trade oil and cryptocurrency automatically.

• Dennis also called the bear market bottom within 10 days back in that same month! The Dow Jones hit an intra day low of 7181.47 - while the NASDAQ bottomed out at 1108.49. Dennis saw that both of these indices were bottoming out and positioned his readers for an explosive move up!

To help get you started, you'll have access to 3 in-depth bonus reports when you subscribe to the Stealth Stocks newsletter. The 3 reports explain in detail how to make investing less intimidating. You'll have the opportunity to learn about:

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3. Three Stealth Stocks Ready to Soar

Don't hesitate! The "experts" would love to keep their research all to themselves so only they benefit and make the big money. But now you know that there ARE resources out there for individual investors. With a membership in Stealth Stocks you will be armed with all the information you need to begin making money in the stock market.

Stealth Stocks, a general interest newsletter is not liable for the suitability or future investment performance of any securities or strategies discussed.Any advice on where to buy stocks should be later discussed with your personal financial consultant. Historical investment return examples given are hypothetical, and not to be taken as representative of any individual's actual trading experience. For access to our full disclaimer and disclosure policy regarding editor securities holdings, go to www.StealthStocksonline.com/disclosure.html or call 800-524-4832. Eastman Communications, Inc. is the publisher of Stealth Stocks.

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