Dennis Slothower - the financial analyst responsible for 2011's "Letter of the Year" according to - now warns...

Why Stocks Could Collapse...
Beginning as Soon as January 31st!

The Fed has propped up the equity markets for months...
but that could soon come to a disastrous end!

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According to, Dennis Slothower is the guru behind “The investment letter that evaded the 2008 crash...(and) is now the top performer." --, October 6, 2011

Right now, Dennis is issuing another dire warning.

His technical indicators suggest that the market manipulation we’ve seen over the last several months is about to come to an end.

And with very real threats to this artificially inflated market coming from a potential U.S. debt downgrade...for the possibility of a European collapse...and a sluggish U.S. economy - the bottom could fall out of the U.S. stock market at any time.

This correction could begin as soon as January 31st- so it’s important that you take action now to prepare yourself.

But here's the thing...

When it comes to helping investors protect their wealth - and make money - during periods of market uncertainty...No one is better that Dennis Slothower.

As - and the Hulbert Financial Digest - confirm, Dennis "was one of the very few advisors to make money during the Crash of 2008..."

And right now - at this very moment - Dennis has identified what he believes is the perfect stock for you to add to your portfolio immediately.

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