Dennis Slothower is a veteran financial analyst, widely read author, popular speaker, and the editor of Stealth Stocks. Dennis is consistently ranked as one of the top investment advisors by many different tracking services and has earned a reputation as one of the America’s most consistently successful financial strategists.

After earning a degree from Brigham Young University, Dennis spent many years as a commodities trader for one of Wall Street's largest investment firms. Using highly specialized computer technology, he found he was able to apply some of the same tools and strategies to trading stocks. Dennis is now a renowned authority on the use of cyclical and technical indicators. He has lectured at financial conferences and seminars across the country since 1987. In addition, he has counseled thousands of investors and his views are quoted by major financial publications throughout the country.

At the beginning of 2000 the market risk was reaching dangerous levels. Dennis warned his followers that market risk was too threatening. He forecasted a major top in the market in the March/April period of that year well in advance of the actual market top. His computer model produced a major sell signal on March 27th, which turned out to be the exact day of the high for the year in the Nasdaq 100, and saved what could be considered small fortunes for the investors who followed his advice.

Near the end of the 2001 year, in spite of the dramatic market conditions after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Dennis collaborated with Eastman Communications to launch a new Stock Market advisory service and newsletter called Stealth Stocks. Though less than a year old, many individual stock selections have achieved over 100% returns and several portfolios have shown equally impressive performance for their objectives. Stealth Stocks is now reviewed by Hulbert Digest, who will likely be publishing some impressive rankings for this new service by Dennis Slothower.

Dennis lives in Alpine, a small picturesque community on the bottom slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, thirty minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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