"You Keep Me Sane"

"You keep me sane. Well really, you keep me from over-reacting and following the crowd. You specifically got me into the market in the fall of 1999 and out again in the Spring of 2000 with a very hefty gain (about 70%) in my son's college funds and my IRA account."

- David W., Overland Park, KS

"Was in the Trenches as a Trader for Many Years"

"The fact that Dennis continues to go out on a limb in making predictions separates him from his peers. I like the fact that he was in the trenches as a trader for many years."

- Bob F., Rutland, VT

"Does Not Get Any Clearer Than This"

"I have been very impressed with the quality and clarity of the advice. As to the accuracy, one only has to read the recommendation subscribers receive...

'Sell on Monday all positions in all portfolios as risk is just too great right now for investors to ignore.' It does not get any clearer than this and I decided to take the advice. The Dow closed down over 200 points."

- Harold C., Farmington, MI

"I Value Your Publication Immensely"

"Your comments are honest and to the point. Out of the five I take I believe you have the best newsletter on the Web."

- Robert H., Sammamish, WA

"Saved Me Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars"

"I have used your big picture timing advice for several years, and it has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars!! It is by far the best advice I have had in the last four years.

"I have followed your suggestions religiously for when to be in the market and when to be out. Over the last 3 years the benefits have been about $40,000, then $90,000, and then $600,000.

"A good friend of mine lost $3 million by staying in the market when you suggested getting out. I made 20% that year and have told everyone I know that I owe that to your advice.

"Keep up the good work!!!"

- John B., Rocklin, CA

"Timely and Helpful"

"Your advice to sell near the NASDAQ top last year was timely and helpful, while other advisory services remained on a screaming buy."

- C. M., Austin, TX

"Best Value"

"I use it regularly to determine when to enter and exit the market, as well as to select fund families that are in favor. The newsletter is the very best value of all newsletters I have received"

- Raymond B., Friendswood TX

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