Dennis Slothower - the man who reported, "had a brilliant 2008" and was "one of the few letters to avoid the Crash" now reveals…

How to Survive
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Every Upward Move in the U.S. Stock Market Brings Us That Much Closer to a Devastating Market Crash!

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Dear Concerned Investor,

The stock market is poised for a dramatic plunge in the weeks ahead.

On August 19, we received a second – or “confirmed” Hindenburg Omen.

As you’ve no doubt heard, a Hindenburg Omen is an extreme danger signal.

This omen has appeared before all the stock market crashes -- or panic events -- of the past 25 years.

Here’s what’s happening right now:  Large financial institutions are ridding themselves of holdings with significant risk exposure...and Ben Bernanke’s confirmation last Friday that the Federal Reserve will do “whatever it takes” to support the recovery means that inflation is now a very real concern.

Let me be absolutely clear: We’re living in some very dangerous financial times – and you must be aware that the market is primed for a devastating collapse at virtually any time.

We may still see a handful of days ahead where the market finishes up – but it’s vitally important that you are not fooled by this.

I don’t mean to sound alarmist, but…

Every day that ends with another upward move in this sucker’s rally is just bringing the U.S. stock market closer to a collapse of historic proportions.

Thousands of investors will get clobbered…

But a handful of investors will not only avoid disaster…they’ll actually profit from the turmoil.

I’d like to show you how YOU can do just that.

What would it be worth to your portfolio to learn how to make money during market turmoil? How might it feel to actually welcome market volatility while all those around you are hiding under their desk?

I’d like to share with you three “stealth stocks” that could explode to the upside in the weeks ahead…and I also plan to show you the trading secrets Wall Street doesn’t want you to know.

Sounds too good to be true—I know. But don’t take my word for it, just listen to what Peter Brimelow, editor of The Wall Street Journal’s, has been writing about me for the past couple of years…

Besides calling the market collapse of 2008 – and steering my readers to safety – I also predicted the sudden drops in the stock market in January, February and May of this year.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist. I’m not some Chicken Little running around telling you the sky is falling.

But you need to prepare yourself…because it’s about to happen again. Here’s why…

Since the middle of 2008, the stock market has been fueled by MASSIVE and totally unprecedented amounts of U.S. Government cash.

The Obama Administration is hoping that by “priming the pump” – and making the U.S. Treasury the personal piggy bank for Wall Street – the stock market will rise and millions of small investors, now sitting on the sidelines, will be tempted to risk more of their life savings in the Wall Street casino.

And it worked…for a little while.

This Government-Created Bubble is Ready to Pop!

But this sort of reckless Federal spending – almost unimaginable infusions of taxpayer cash – has artificially driven the stock market higher when the economy as a whole is still on life-support.

And just like every other cash-fueled bubble market before it, this one is getting ready to POP big-time – and will take millions of small investors down with it.

In fact, my technical indicators suggest that a devastating, long-term bear market could begin at virtually any time…so it’s important you take action now to prepare yourself.

For the past few months I’ve been telling my readers that market risk was at an extreme turning point…and I’ve been advising against taking risky positions.

My analysis – which was right in 2008 and right for the first half of this year – shows clearly that the next big opportunities will be on the short side. This isn’t a call from my gut, but one based on the facts as I see them:

As I said earlier – I don’t like spreading such a gloomy message.

But the facts are the facts…and it’s important that you take action now in order to protect yourself.

That’s why I’d like to invite you – right now – to claim your FREE report that spells out exactly what’s about to happen. Click here to claim your copy right now and take advantage of a FREE 30-Day trial subscription.

In just a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what steps you need to take – and when – but first…allow me to introduce myself.

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Rating Service for Market Performance

My name is Dennis Slothower…and I’m the editor of Stealth Stocks.

In the early days of my career at the big wire houses I specialized in trading financial futures and commodities.

As a big time trader, risk had to be strictly managed. To do so required access to sophisticated information systems and real-time trading data that at the time was only available to insiders.

Using these tools, I developed a proprietary risk management model.

Astonishingly, this proprietary model allowed me to spot potential insider-trading activity time and time again, and accurately foretell big up or downside moves in the stocks I was monitoring.

My system helped me steer investors clear of danger just prior to the Market Crash of 1987…and then again in October 2007, it helped me call the market top at Dow 14,000!

The Dow lost 53% of its value peak to valley...and my subscribers who followed my recommendations didn't lose a single dime.

My Insider Tracking System
Beats the S&P 500 While Others Lose Money!

Fortunately, my Early Warning System identifies big moves in either direction, and as a result I've been able to spot stocks right before the market manipulators bid them into the stratosphere.

I've had some REALLY BIG winners in the great big bull rally that started in 2002 and ended in 2007.

Subscribers who bought and held some of my picks made huge gains - 1,113% on Immucor... 1,106% on Middleby Corp... 548% on Psychiatrist Solutions.

But I would rather show you how my recommendations have done the past 18 months.

In my monthly Stealth Stocks newsletter, I recommend undervalued stocks that I believe have the potential of DOUBLING in the coming 12 months. And some of my more recent selections have been generating triple-digit returns…

The “secret” to our success has been the power of my proprietary Early Warning System combined with time-tested technical analysis techniques.

And now – as we prepare for the artificially inflated U.S. stock market to come crashing down yet again, I feel it’s important that you take…

Three Simple Steps to Protect Yourself
against Extreme Market Volatility

Step #1 – Manage Your Risk – I’ve told my Stealth Stocks subscribers time and time again…now is NOT the time to take unnecessary risks in the equity markets.

In fact, right now – if you haven’t already done so – is the time for you to take a hard look at every position in your portfolio and evaluate its short-term potential.

* What sector is each position in? Is the sector – or the individual company – somehow protected in the event of a market collapse?

* What is the short-term upside of each position? Does the potential upside reward over the next few weeks – or, at best, months – outweigh the downside risk in the event of a fast-moving, 30% drop in the equity markets?

* What percentage of your portfolio is currently “exposed” to U.S. stock market risk? Are you comfortable with the possibility that most – if not all – of your exposed holdings could drop by 50% or more?

Step #2 – FORGET about Buy and Hold -- You've heard it all your life: No one can time the market.

All the "experts" on Wall Street agree that the best strategy is to stay "fully invested" in what Wall Street sells (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and leave the "guessing" for the lottery.

But beyond the self-serving nature of such advice, how has the buy-and-hold strategy actually fared in real dollar terms?

The answer is: It all depends on when you get into the market!

If you had started investing in, say, 1979, right before the boom of the 1980s and '90s, you would have done fairly well: 968.8% total return over the past 30 years - which works out to about a 8.2% average annual return.

But if you had started investing in, say, the early 1960s, when the stock market was flat, and then retired 20 years later, the performance of your buy-and-hold portfolio would have been considerably less impressive. In the twenty years from 1959 to 1979, the S&P 500 rose from 55.44 to 96.73 - a total return of 74.5%. That works out to an average annual return of just 2.3%.

The performance from 1969 to 1979 was even less impressive: A total net LOSS of -6.9% over 10 years or about -0.72% per year. (In the past 10 years, from November 1999 to November 2009, the S&P 500 has posted a total net loss of -21.88% or an average annual loss of -2.44%.)

And there is a complicating factor: inflation! When you factor in the double-digit inflation that retirees faced in the 1970s, they ended up losing considerably more of their wealth than they lost in the stock market.

With the very real possibility of another decade of slow or no growth ahead of us -- as occurred in the 1960s and '70s -- then buy-and-hold could end up being a disaster, especially if we see another period of high inflation.

Step #3 – Get the Right Information…and Be Prepared to Act Quickly – There’s no question about it – it’s never been more important for you to be armed with sound information when making investment decisions.

Between the Wall Street “crooks” out to rob you blind…and the coming collapse of the U.S. government-sponsored stock market bubble – there’s danger everywhere.

So it’s essential that you understand just what moves to make – and when to make them – in turbulent times.

I’ll remind you – and I don’t say this to “brag” – my Stealth Stocks service was one of just 12 investment letters that made money in the dismal market of 2008. According to the independent rating service – Hulbert Financial Digest – 93% of investment newsletters lost money that year…but not my Stealth Stocks readers.

I was ahead of the curve on the market crash of 1987…the market crash of 2008…and I also predicted the sudden drops in the stock market in January, February and May of this year.

Now…it’s about to happen again.

That’s why I’d like to invite you – right now – to “lock in” your access to the very same information that helped investors avoid disaster time and time again over these past two years by signing up for a RISK-FREE trial subscription to Stealth Stocks

Not only will you receive my early warning alerts in the event of a falling market…you’ll also receive immediate access to all of the undervalued stocks I feel have the chance to DOUBLE in the next 12 months, regardless of overall market conditions.

This includes my exclusive list of…

Three “Stealth” Stocks You Can Steal Right Now!

These three stocks are among those I’m counting on to hand us big, fat, juicy gains in the coming months. Of the 10,000 stocks my system tracks exhaustively, these are among the most undervalued, stable and strong.

And every one of my 23 confirming indicators is literally screaming that a tidal wave of buying action could hit these stocks at any moment – again…regardless of the overall market’s direction – with the potential to drive them into the stratosphere!

Stealth Stock #1
Buy this stock NOW, and you could
easily double your money in the next 12 months!

This company is poised to reap explosive revenue and profit expansion due to its dominant position in energy infrastructure services…and it’s sitting on a backlog of more than $21 BILLION at this very minute.

It’s a proven leader in high demand environmental retrofits, nuclear plant restarts and new construction, and has already supplied chemical technology for 36% of the world’s ethylene capacity construction since 1990 …

The stock has exceptional book value: this company has very little debt, and plenty of cash to finance operations for the foreseeable future. The company was just awarded a $250 million U.S. Navy contract…and right now, my proprietary indicators are showing evidence of new institutional nibbles …

If you want a piece of the action, do not delay. This juggernaut is not going to wait around for you or anyone else to shoot for the moon when the smart money hits.

Click here to download complete details and test-drive my remarkable Stealth Stocks advisory service for 30 days FREE, or keep reading for more details!

Stealth Stock #2:
Huge profits driving costs out of
aviation for penny-pinching airlines
and governments worldwide!

This company is an all-star outsourcer in virtually every one of the world’s major aviation markets… fulfilling highly lucrative supply chain management contracts… overhauling and repairing airframe and engine components… and selling and leasing reconditioned commercial jet aircraft.

One of the things you’re going to love about this company is its broadly diversified revenue base …

Its customer list reads like the who’s who of the aviation industry, including many of the world’s largest commercial airlines… manufacturers like Boeing, Bombardier, General Electric, Northrop Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce… and major cargo carriers like Airborne Express, DHL, FedEx and UPS…

Plus, the company also provides ongoing military logistics support services for government… boasting long term contracts with Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

That’s an impressive list, but what has me salivating over this company are its rock solid financials.

Even without the tell tale signs of smart money eyeing this stock it would be very tempting. As it stands, this stock is poised to hand you some serious windfall profits, potentially doubling, or even tripling your money, or more in the next 12 months!

For complete details click here now and activate your FREE 30 day Stealth Stocks trial membership, or keep reading …

Stealth Stock #3:
This earnings powerhouse could
hand you a triple… even if it wasn’t a
takeover target!

The third stealth stock I’ve hand-picked for you is an independent oil and natural gas producer. This company is currently sitting on natural gas reserves of over 355 billion cubic feet and has a 100% drilling success rate!

Plus, the company also holds a large inventory of additional development prospects — literally hundreds of promising drilling locations — representing an estimated additional 4.7 trillion cubic feet of total reserve potential.

And these scorching increases in demand couldn’t be coming at a better time for this gas rich company …

Oil and natural gas development virtually ground to a halt during the ‘90s and the industry is still scrambling to bring new reserves on stream. The supply picture is so acute there’s a very real possibility oil prices could once again spike to well over $150 a barrel!

The smart money says one of the big oil monsters is going to take a run at this shining star any day now.

When that happens, you’ll be grinning ear to ear if you’re on board. The bidding could go extremely hot and heavy. If it does, the share price is almost certain to take off like a ballistic missile!

Don’t hesitate for even a moment.

Investing in this company’s shares right now could easily triple your money in short order. In fact, I’m convinced all three of these stocks represent a once in a lifetime opportunity to bank truly extraordinary profits, and there’s so much more I need to tell you about them.

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I won’t drown you in a sea of confusing choices. My goal is to float like a butterfly over only the strongest, virtually undiscovered companies flying quietly under the radar. And then sting like a bee when my battery of proprietary technical indicators zeros in on the smart money — putting the odds overwhelmingly in our favor!

And there’s much more …

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Now, of course…I want you to move forward with total confidence. That’s why I’m extending this iron-clad satisfaction pledge …

My Sacred Promise To You: The Legendary
Stealth Stocks Satisfaction GUARANTEE!

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You have to be. My business depends on it.

The worst thing that could happen is you’ll walk away with three valuable special reports worth $125 and a free month of service!

What could be fairer than that?


If you’re looking for ensure a bright financial future – and a comfortable retirement – then it’s important that you get started today before the coming collapse in equities.

And on top of that…the three stealth stocks I told you about are locked and loaded, ready to soar at any moment…and I don’t want you to miss out.

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There’s literally not a moment to waste.


Dennis Slothower
Editor, Stealth Stocks

P.S. Remember, you risk nothing by taking a FREE 30-day test drive of my entire Stealth Stocks system. Sign on to my secure website, read the current issue and free reports I send you, act on my recommendations, and watch your money grow. It really is that simple.


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