Why a Devastating Market Collapse
May be Unavoidable


The Man Who Called the 2008 Market Crash Warns:

“The Stock Market Will Hit a Brick Wall”

Dear Investor,


At this moment, your wealth is very much at risk.


In fact, one of the world’s most successful – and most accurate – stock market observers recently issued an urgent bulletin that I’d like to share with you now:



“As we head into May, the ending of QE2, rising energy and food costs and a down-in-the-dumps consumer will be more than this stock market can stand.  The stock market will hit a brick wall.”


                                                          -- April 2011



Over the next few weeks, there is a very real danger of a devastating stock market collapse…and it’s vitally important that you take a few simple steps to prepare yourself right now.


This warning was issued by Dennis Slothower – the stock market guru who not only warned individual investors of the 2008 stock market collapse…


He actually helped his readers make money that year – during one of the market’s worst-ever years.


I’ll tell you more about Dennis Slothower’s amazingly accurate forecasts in just a moment. 


But for now, let me quickly show you why this market is especially volatile:


1. The End of the Fed’s Artificial Market Inflation.


We now have confirmation that the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing program – known as QE2 – will end as scheduled on June 30. 


QE2 began in August 2010…and in just nine months’ time, the S&P 500 had soared 29%!


Here’s what Dennis had to say about the ending of QE2 in his most recent bulletin:



“As soon as the stimulus ends for QE2…the stock market will hit a brick wall. Without the Fed’s stimulus, I can’t see how stock prices will be able to head higher.”



Simply put…without the Federal Reserve’s artificial inflation of the stock market – which has been ongoing since November 2008 – the air will quickly go out of the balloon for stocks.


2. Soaring energy and food costs are crippling U.S. consumers. 


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, gasoline prices could soar higher by another $1.10 or more by this summer – putting us well over $4 per gallon and heading toward $5.


And the USDA warns that U.S. supermarket meat prices in 2011 are expected to post the largest increase in seven years.


Think about it.


Gas prices – up 28% in one year…


Beef and veal prices – up 12%...


Pork – up 16%...


Coffee – up 11%...


And fresh vegetables – up 10%.


Yet according to the U.S. Department of Labor, our “official” inflation rate is just over 2%. 


But we know the truth.


Anyone can see that these real-world price increases will have an enormous impact on U.S. consumers – and Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke confirms this fear.


Duke recently told the Wall Street Journal that rising gas prices are hurting its main customers, who are having an even harder time stretching their dollars to the next payday than they did a year ago.


Duke explained that customers are now cutting back on discretionary items as their spending power erodes.


And if this impact is being felt at Wal-Mart – a business where Americans spend $36 million dollars every hour – the impact on the U.S. economy will be devastating.


3. Arab unrest continues to spread in the Middle East.

Thanks to social networking – and the influence from outside interests – we’ve seen revolutions in…


* Tunisia

* Egypt

* Libya

* Bahrain

* Yemen

* Saudi Arabia

* Syria 


But what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning. 


It’s important that you prepare yourself now for this volatility.


And I’ll show you how can do that…beginning right now.


As I said before, I’d like to introduce you to a stock market guru who has made a career out of helping individual investors avoid danger AND profit during turbulent times.


His name is Dennis Slothower…


Marketwatch.com has referred to Dennis’ amazingly accurate forecasts on several occasions.


Most recently – in November 2010 – Marketwatch had this to say of Dennis:


“(He’s the) advisor who dodged the Crash of 2008…a particularly striking performance.”



And just a few weeks before that, the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest had this to say about Dennis:




That’s high praise coming from someone whose job it is to keep a close eye on investment analysts all over the globe.


But it’s nothing compared to the acclaim Dennis will receive when he helps investors just like you avoid the disaster ahead of us…


A potentially devastating period that could wipe out hundreds of thousands of individual investors here in the United States.


Remember…Dennis was one of the few advisors whose readers completely avoided ALL losses during the disaster that was 2008.

Besides calling the market collapse of 2008 - and steering investors to safety - Dennis also predicted the sudden drops in the stock market in January, February and May of 2010.

And right now – Dennis is warning his readers that his technical indicators are suggesting that a devastating, long-term bear market could begin at virtually any time…so it’s important you take action now to prepare yourself.


Don’t Get Burned By a Sudden Market Downturn:

Here’s a Simple Way to Protect Yourself – Right Now!


Right now it’s imperative that you arm yourself with the best information so you’re prepared for any additional massive stock market sell-offs.


So here’s what I’d like to do…


I’d like to help prepare you for what’s coming…keep you aware of everything happening in the markets…and help you keep your hard-earned money safe.


Dennis will continue to identify carefully-selected profit opportunities – even in the most volatile market periods.


I’ve arranged for you to receive – starting today – a FREE 30-DAY PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s Stealth Stocks Daily Alert investing service.


Remember – this investment service recently rated in the top 10 by Hulbert’s Financial Digest for our performance in the market.


And Stealth Stocks readers were among the few investors who were able to completely avoid ALL LOSSES in 2008 and actually ended the year positive. 


This 30-day preview will help you steer clear of the enormous threat to your wealth that could begin at any time – and help you avoid kind of losses that wiped out so many investors in 2008.


So I urge you to take advantage of this FREE 30-DAY PREVIEW right now to help make sure you’re prepared for the difficult times that might lie ahead.


Click here NOW to accept your 30-Day FREE PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s top-rated Stealth Stocks Daily Alert service!


I’d like to welcome you in advance to Dennis’s ultra-safe “inner circle.” 


You’ve taken an important step toward protecting yourself during what could be a historic market downturn.


And as Dennis has proven – you’ll be able to not only protect your hard-earned wealth but also make money during even the market’s worst years.


Welcome aboard,






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