Special Report
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Warning: Stock Market
 Disaster Ahead

The Man Who Called the 2008 Market Crash Warns:
2013 Will Be a Disastrous Year 

Dear Friend,

We may be – at this very moment – on the verge of a devastating market collapse.

In fact, the next few weeks could provide the most dangerous environment for investors that the United States has seen in 75 years.

It’s critical that you take action – right now – to prepare yourself in the event of a total market meltdown.

This warning comes from one of the world’s most successful – and most accurate – stock market observers.

This market expert – whose predictions have been celebrated by mainstream media sources such as Marketwatch.com…and whose trading record has been certified by the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest – recently issued an urgent bulletin that I’d like to share with you now:

"The economy is becoming more and more crippled, day by day. Businesses are in paralysis mode... we are slipping into recessionary territory."

This warning was issued by Dennis Slothower – the stock market guru who not only warned individual investors of the 2008 stock market collapse…

He actually helped his readers make money that year – during one of the market’s worst-ever years.

And now, it’s not only possible – it’s actually quite likely – that the disaster of 2008 is about to happen again.

In fact, in his most recent bulletin, Dennis went on to warn investors:

"What I have been warning you about is coming to pass. The economy is breaking down due to “oil shock.” The evidence continues to mount that the economy is fast falling into recession. “When the bubble breaks all asset classes are vulnerable as we saw in 2008…are we there again?"

I’ll tell you more about just how accurate Dennis Slothower has been – time and time again – at predicting large swings in the market in just a moment.

But for now, let me quickly show you what is happening...

2013 — Could We See a 50% Drop in the Dow?

Simply put...2013 could be one of the worst years for investors in our lifetime.

With the continuing battles over spending in Washington – along with a sluggish economy and continued high unemployment – the situation is dire.

On top of that is the fact that history tells us that the next 12 to 24 months are likely to provide a rough path for investors.

As Dennis recently warned his readers:

"Be aware of the presidential cycle trend and its track record. In a nutshell, both the stock market and the economy tend to perform much better in the last two years of a president’s term than they do in the first two years. This suggests that 2013 will be a tough year...as the economic cycle reverts back to the mean averages."

How tough could it be?

According to Bloomberg, 2013 could be compared to 1937 – the first year after the re-election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In the first full year after Roosevelt’s re-election, industrial production plummeted by 34.5%...

And the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by half, from almost 200 in early 1937 to less than 100 at the end of March 1938.

Bloomberg says of the potential for 2013, “The parallels are visible enough to be worth tracing. They have to do with the danger of big government.”

Those parallels include federal spending at record levels leading up to the election...likely budget cuts in the first year after re-election...fall-out from first-term legislation...and the promise of higher taxes.

No question – all four of those things are happening in 2013...just as they did back in 1937.

And investors are already wary of this.

Billionaires Are Dumping U.S. Stocks –
 Should You Do the Same?

In fact, some of America’s richest investors have been quietly dumping as much U.S. stock as possible.

  • Warren Buffett – complaining of “disappointing performance” – has sold more than 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson (through his Berkshire Hathaway.) That’s nearly two-thirds of his $2 billion stake in the company! Plus...Buffett reduced his overall stake in “consumer product stocks” by 21% and dumped all shares of chip-maker Intel.
  • Billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks – more than one million shares in all – including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs.
  • And billionaire John Paulson’s hedge fund company dumped 14 million shares of JPMorgan Chase in 2012 – as well as its entire position in consumer-goods maker Sara Lee and discount retailer Family Dollar.

But listen...billionaire investors aren’t the only ones fleeing U.S. stocks.

Individual investors are racing for the exits as well.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in the four-year period beginning in September 2008, investors have withdrawn $410 billion from equities...and gone racing to bonds.

And in the first ten months of 2012 alone, investors withdrew more than $97 billion from equity mutual funds!

So what should you do – right now – with your money?

Over the next few minutes, you’re going to learn why the man who called the Market Crash of 2008 – and whose service was recently ranked #1 by the prestigious Hulbert Financial Digest – has issued an urgent warning:

"Right now we can’t be sure of anything in a pump and dump market environment when it only takes a minor switch to start the next selling phase."

This warning comes from Dennis Slothower – the stock market guru whose advisory – Stealth Stocks Daily Alert – was recently named “Letter of the Year” by Marketwatch.com.

Make no mistake – Dennis Slothower is the man whose warnings you want to heed when it comes to the direction of the market.

He not only helped his readers avoid the Market Crash of 2008…he helped them make money. And he’s been spot-on with his market calls in the years that have followed.

In this exclusive video – I’m going to share with you what Dennis is telling his readers about the inevitable U.S. recession and the potential for a devastating market collapse.

Capital Preservation: Your Most
Important Task in this Market

Right now – with so much danger in the market – there’s one important point that must be in the front of your mind when making any investment decision:

No matter if you’re buying, selling or holding...You cannot afford to lose money.

Here’s what Dennis recently told his paid subscribers about the current market environment:

"I certainly want you to make money, but I sure as heck do not want to you to be caught in a severe market collapse. It only takes one of these to put you out of the game permanently if you’re investing serious money."

"Missing severe market drops is essential to investment success -- and right now we can’t be sure of anything in a pump and dump market environment when it only takes a minor switch to start the next selling phase."

But that warning is really just the beginning. There’s also the very real – and immediate – threat of a devastating “oil shock” recession that could crush the U.S. economy.

As Dennis Slothower recently warned:

"Every Fed president knows this one undeniable fact: ten out of the last eleven recessions were caused by “oil shocks”— and we are about to change that number to eleven out of twelve very soon."

"As we have observed in 2008, 2010, 2011 and in 2012—when gasoline prices begin to exceed $4 a gallon, the economy begins to choke. Recent economic data confirm that the energy polices of the president, the Fed chairman, and the U.S. Treasury are economically destructive."

"I’ve seen this movie before – and it doesn’t end well."

That point that Dennis is emphasizing – that high oil prices are playing a dominant role in the financial markets – is precisely what makes Dennis Slothower’s Daily Alert bulletins so essential.

In just a few sentences, Dennis takes the day’s most complex financial issues and boils them down into the key idea that’s most important to you.

And in a market environment where the slightest bit of negative news can trigger a quick, 300-point Dow nosedive…that kind of information is paramount to your financial survival.

Dennis Slothower’s market commentary and predictions have been celebrated by mainstream media sources such as Marketwatch.com…and his trading record has been certified by the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest.

And right now…Dennis is not only warning individual investors about the U.S. stock market…he’s also providing specific, easy-to-follow steps for you to take in order to protect yourself and profit – again – in these turbulent conditions.

So here’s what I’d like to do…

I’d like to help prepare you for what’s coming…keep you aware of everything happening in the markets…and help you keep your hard-earned money safe.

Dennis will continue to identify carefully-selected profit opportunities – even in the most volatile market periods.

And he’ll continue to issue daily briefings – sent directly to your email inbox – that explain what’s about to happen next in the markets.

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