Revealed: How Wall Street Has
Screwed You Out of Thousands
of Dollars...
AND How You Can
Put a Stop To it Right Now

Dear Investor,

You’re playing a rigged game. 

If you think that Wall Street has “cleaned up its act” over the past four’re sadly mistaken.

Wall Street’s greed – at this very moment – is continuing to stack the odds against the average investor making you the “patsy” in the financial markets.

Don’t take my word for it.

Bill Gross…the co-founder of PIMCO and the world-renowned “Bond King” speaking about the plight of the average investor, said:

“The system is rigged…I think financial advisers are still worthwhile, but the average investor can no longer pay them what they felt they were worth.  You should find someone who isn’t overpromising or overcharging.”

Now let me stop right there for just a moment.

Bill Gross is an absolute legend in the investing world...he’s the Babe Ruth of bonds.

Governments routinely consult with him and seek out his opinion on financial matters. With more than $1 trillion under management, Gross certainly knows how Wall Street continually pulls the wool over the eyes of investors.

And what Gross had to say tells you everything you need to know. “The system is rigged,” which is really just a nice way of telling you that...

You’re getting screwed by Wall Street.

How so?

On some days up to 75% of the volume in the markets is controlled by institutions—Wall Street’s “Big Boys” trading with each other – and their computers.

Your broker...the manager of your mutual fund...the manager of your pension plan...everyone involved is looking out for his own interests. 

Not yours.

Their exorbitant salaries – and their expenses – are all being paid for out of your the form of commissions and fees – both disclosed and hidden.

The bottom line’re playing against professionals...and those professionals are being paid – quite nicely, in fact – to rip you off.

Wall Street is more like Las Vegas than anyone “on the inside” would ever want to admit. 

After all...those huge, extravagant hotels on the Las Vegas strip weren’t paid for by the casinos...they were paid for by the gamblers.

Same goes for Wall Street – except in this case, they’re using your hard-earned money.

It’s sickening, really, just how brazen these guys on Wall Street have become.

I’ll show you more in a minute – if you have the stomach for it. 

But first – I need to tell you something very important.

You don’t have to play this rigged game any longer…in fact I’ll show you a way to turn the tables on those fat cats.

Over the next three minutes, you'll discover…

  • How you can "fire" the criminals on Wall Street who have been getting rich off of your hard-earned money for years...
  • How you can refuse to finance their greed for even another second...
  • And how you can stop hemorrhaging money from your investment accounts.

How is it possible for you to do all of this…without taking your money and stuffing it into a mattress?

It’s all thanks to a battle hardened investment guru that has taken on and whipped the Wall Street money men for close to 30 years. And this man is the polar opposite of your typical Wall Street "wizard."

Before I tell you more about this that, let me share with you how Wall Street is using the financial markets as their own piggy bank.

Goldman Sachs is the mightiest and most well connected powerhouse on Wall Street. Alumni of Goldman can be found in almost every powerful position in the world of finance including former U.S. Treasury Secretaries…the President of the Federal Reserve...the Governor of the European Central Bank...even a Prime Minister of Italy.

The current head honcho at Goldman Sachs is Lloyd Blankfein.

And in 2011, Goldman Sachs had a “horrific” year – they “only” made $4.4 billion.

As a result ,Goldman’s stock fell 46 percent in 2011...and 2,400 Goldman employees lost their jobs.

So you’d assume that Lloyd Blankfein was fired or at least had his pay cut, right?

Wrong – he received a bonus of $7 million and had his annual salary raised to $2 million from $600,000.

As if his compensation package – in the wake of gross incompetence – isn’t sickening enough...what does Lloyd Blankfein think of his company’s responsibility to its clients?

Blankfein testified before Congress that Goldman Sachs “had no moral or legal obligation to inform its clients it was betting against the products they were buying from Goldman Sachs.”

At least he’s honest about it by telling you that the investments they are pushing on you could be the very same ones they are hoping will go down!

If you don’t think this has an impact on you…think again. At the end of 2011, Goldman Sachs had just under $700 billion in assets under management...and tens of thousands of Americans – either directly or indirectly – have pension plans and retirement accounts that are impacted by Goldman Sachs. 

Listen...guys like Lloyd Blankfein make me want to run as far away from Wall Street as possible with my money.

But he’s just one example.  How about Stan O’Neal, who was the president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Merrill Lynch for six years?

O’Neal led Merrill Lynch during a time when the company racked up an astounding $41 billion in subprime CDOs and mortgage bonds –ultimately destroying the company, necessitating a rescue purchase by Bank of America at the height of the financial crisis.

And while Merrill Lynch was destroyed – and investors and valued employees were wiped out – Stan O’Neal tap danced all the way to the bank.

What took Merrill 95 years to build collapsed like a house of cards on O’Neal’s watch… and for that he received a compensation package valued at $161.5 million.

I should point out, by the way, that these compensation figures didn’t have to be dug up.  No subpoena was required...these figures were reported by the companies themselves...


Because they aren’t the least bit ashamed of what they’re doing: screwing over the individual investor.

I could go on and on about how Wall Street is a place where the rich get richer by feeding on the average investor.  But enough about those guys. 

Bill Gross, who by the way works far away from Wall Street in Newport Beach California told you that you were being – my words, not his – “royally screwed by Wall Street”. 

But Gross also offered words of advice. He said that you “should find someone who isn’t overpromising or overcharging” to handle your investments.

Easier said than done. Where do you find the “someone” that under promises and over delivers year after year?

I’m about to introduce you to him because odds are, you wouldn’t stumble over him on your own. He keeps a low profile and stays far away from Wall Street.

Now…let me be clear.

This man doesn't have an office in a Manhattan high-rise... and he doesn’t throw elbows on a crowded trading floor.

He doesn’t have a chauffeured car drive him to and from his office...isn’t a member of fancy country clubs on his company’s tab...and he doesn’t take power lunches that include $500 bottles of wine.

He also doesn’t have a security guard holding an elevator bank for him 24 hours a day...or a skybox in Yankee Stadium...and he doesn’t watch Knicks games from courtside seats at Madison Square Garden.

Not even close.

In fact, his office is near the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains in Alpine, Utah, population less than 10,000 -- about as far away from Wall Street (literally and figuratively) as you can get.

Instead of looking out his office window at $20 million apartments or a view of Central Park...this is his view:

Not exactly the type of place you’d expect to run into someone like Stan O’Neal, Lloyd Blankfein or Wall Street’s other Masters of the Universe, right?

And that’s precisely the point.

His operation is completely independent -- he tolerates no outside influence of any kind when making investing decisions. He spends most of his time sitting in an armchair by a window reading the latest government and economic reports or glancing at his computer screen as he follows markets around the globe.

And -- most importantly -- he consistently helps individual investors produce market-beating returns…and he does it WITHOUT charging exorbitant fees.

In could have invested alongside this top-rated advisor – the very antithesis of what you’ll find on Wall Street – for the past three years for about the price of a good cup of coffee…regardless of the size of your portfolio.

And what would that have bought you?

* How about POSITIVE returns in 2008 – the worst year in market history since the Great Depression...

* How about returns that have beat the S&P 500 over the last four years...

  • And the advice of the newsletter named “Letter of the Year” for 2011 by


His name is Dennis Slothower…and he’s the editor of the Stealth Stocks Daily Alert advisory service.

Dennis has built a reputation for helping individual investors – just like you – make money in any kind of market…

And he does so for just pennies on the dollar when compared with the exorbitant fees you’re being charged – right now – for Wall Street’s pathetic mediocrity.

What You Should Expect From Your Investment Advisor

As Bill Gross said, “the system is rigged” against individual investors when dealing with Wall Street.

Handing over your hard-earned money to a large institutional firm and trusting them to keep your best interests at heart has been proven to be one of the fastest ways you could possibly make your wealth disappear.

In fact on some days up to 75% of the volume in the markets is controlled by Wall Street’s “Big Boys” trading for their own accounts! The deck isn’t exactly stacked in your favor.

So what should you look for when searching for someone to help you with your investing decisions?

I believe you should expect two very important things:

1. First…you should expect investment recommendations that consistently beat the market.  If you’re paying good money to someone – in the form of fees, expenses or whatever – and they’re not delivering investment returns that beat the should fire that person – or firm – immediately.

I’m dead serious.

2. The second thing you should look for is someone with the experience to warn you when catastrophic events occur that could wipe out your life savings.

If you can protect your wealth during catastrophic downturns...AND beat the market when the economy is doing'll end up better off than most.

And Dennis Slothower has a proven track record of doing just that.

Dennis has regularly identified stocks and other investments that consistently outperform the market... and as I mentioned earlier, Dennis was one of the few advisors whose readers completely avoided ALL losses during the disaster that was 2008.

Besides calling the market collapse of 2008 - and steering investors to safety - Dennis also predicted the sudden drops in the stock market in January, February and May of 2010…and he was right every step of the way in 2011 as well.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just recently – hailed “The Triumph of Dennis Slothower” and confirmed:


That’s high praise coming from someone whose job it is to keep a close eye on investment analysts all over the globe.

But what do investors just like you have to say about Dennis?


“Finally, I have someone I can trust for accurate information on when to buy and when to sell.”


"Trading long and short following the short-term and intermediate technical indicators you demonstrated has helped me avoid big losses and restored my confidence in investing.  If Dennis ever stops his newsletter, I will have to stop investing!”


“Your comments are always honest and to the point...Out of the five I take I believe you have the best newsletter on the Web."



Simply put – Dennis’ subscribers…investment newsletter rating services…and the mainstream media all agree:

Dennis Slothower is an unquestioned authority when it comes to helping you protect and grow your money in any kind of market.


In 2008 when, according to the independent rating service – Hulbert Financial Digest – 93% of investment newsletters lost money that year… Dennis’ Stealth Stocks Daily Alert  was one of just a handful of investment letters that made money in the dismal market of 2008. 

And in 2011? 

It’s happened again, with Hulbert Financial Digest ranking Stealth Stocks Daily Alert’s  performance number one into the fall of 2011.

Dennis was ahead of the curve on the market crash of 1987…the market crash of 2008…and he predicted the sudden drops every step of the way in 2010 and 2011.

His performance has been second to none – and he’s proven his ability to make money and anticipate large moves in the market time and time again.

And – if you ask me – a big part of the reason why Dennis is so successful is the fact that he’s so utterly and completely anti-Wall Street.

No question about it – investors put their faith in some of this country’s most trusted financial firms…and those companies let us down. 

They lied to us…they sold us investments that they were dumping…and their greed nearly collapsed the entire U.S. financial system.

So the last thing I want to do is trust these people with my money a second time.

They may have fooled us once…but don’t let it happen again.

How You Can “Fire” Your Broker Now…Grow Your
Wealth Safely…and Pay Just Pennies on the Dollar

Over these last few minutes, you’ve seen for yourself the kind of success individual investors have enjoyed – success that has been confirmed by the most trusted ratings service on the planet…

And you’ve seen how Dennis Slothower has helped his readers not only beat the market…but also protect their wealth during market downturns.

So now it’s time for you to put Dennis Slothower to work for you.

And here’s the best part – I want to help you get started by giving you access to Dennis’ insights, analysis and investment recommendations FREE of charge for 30 days.

That’s because I’ve arranged for you to receive – starting today – a FREE 30-DAY PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s Stealth Stocks Daily Alert investing service.

Now…I want to make one thing very clear.

The word “daily” is in the name of Dennis’ service – and that’s 100% accurate.

When you sign up for your FREE 30-day trial subscription, you’ll hear from Dennis every single day that the markets are open.

I’ve seen some services that allow entire weeks to pass by without any update at all from the editor.  No matter if the markets are up or down…and no matter what’s happening to the recommendations in the portfolio.

And – as for those Wall Street firms that have been robbing you blind…good luck getting a straight answer from anyone on the telephone when the markets are tanking.

I’m sure you’ve had those feelings: What’s happening?  Why are the markets moving so quickly?  What should I do next?

You’ll never have to worry about that when you subscribe to Dennis Slothower’s Stealth Stocks Daily Alert service.

You’ll hear from Dennis every evening – just a few hours after the markets have closed. 

Dennis will identify carefully-selected profit opportunities – even in the most volatile market periods.

In fact – if you sign up today for a FREE 30-day preview of Stealth Stocks Daily Alert, I’ll rush you a FREE research report that spells out the details of Dennis’ #1 stock recommendation at this very moment.

You’ll get everything you need to invest in this potential triple-digit blockbuster right away – including what Dennis likes about the company...what the technical picture looks like...and what Dennis’ target price is.

In addition to his current recommendations, Dennis will explain for you what’s about to happen next in the markets every single day.

Remember – this investment service was praised repeatedly by and as recently as last fall was rated the top performer by Hulbert’s Financial Digest for its performance in the market.

And Stealth Stocks Daily Alert readers were among the few investors who were able to completely avoid ALL LOSSES in 2008 and actually ended the year positive. 

Your FREE 30-day preview comes with absolutely no strings attached. 

You won’t be billed a dime until you’ve had 30 full days to examine the service and evaluate Dennis’ performance. 

And at the end of those 30 days, if you like what you see, you’ll pay no more than $1.37 per day – less than the cost of a good cup of coffee – for continued access to Dennis Slothower’s insights and recommendations.

Compare that price to the outrageous fees you’re charged by Wall Street’s “big boys” for the privilege of letting them rob you blind!

Click here NOW to accept your 30-Day FREE PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s top-rated Stealth Stocks Daily Alert service!

I’d like to welcome you in advance to Dennis’s ultra-safe “inner circle.” 

You’ve made an excellent decision – the decision to fire the Wall Street crooks who have been robbing you blind – and rewarding you with terrible performance.

And you’ve replaced them with someone who has proven that he can help you not only protect your hard-earned wealth but also make money during even the market’s worst years.

Click the link below to claim your FREE 30-Day trial subscription – and receive the details behind Dennis’ #1 stock recommendation right now!

Welcome aboard,



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