Warning: European Crisis
Could Spark Global Recession and Sudden Market Collapse!

Things are about to get ugly.


Because of the deteriorating situation in Europe – with the potential for a complete collapse of the Euro at any time – the next few weeks could bring about a swift and devastating market collapse.


According to one of the investing world’s foremost experts on the subject of market behavior…the bottom could fall out at any time. 


Here’s what I mean…


* The potential exists for a “significant economic downturn” in Europe to take place at any time.  This would have dire consequences for markets all over the world, as a global recession appears imminent.


* Crude oil prices around $100 a barrel continue to push us toward an Oil Shock Recession. 


* The next spark that could trigger a crippling recession – and a total stock market collapse – could very well come from Europe.  With political uncertainty in France...economic disaster in Spain...and complete chaos in Greece, the likelihood increases that Europe will soon trigger a global financial catastrophe of historic proportions.


So what should you do – right now – with your money?


Over the next few minutes, you’re going to learn why the man who called the Market Crash of 2008 – and whose service is currently ranked #1 by the prestigious Hulbert Financial Digest – has issued an urgent warning:


“Right now we can’t be sure of anything in a pump and dump market environment when it only takes a minor switch to start the next selling phase.”


This warning comes from Dennis Slothower – the stock market guru whose advisory – Stealth Stocks Daily Alert – was recently named “Letter of the Year” by Marketwatch.com.


“The 2011 Letter Of The Year is ... (drumroll) ... Dennis Slothower’s Stealth Stocks Daily. Slothower ...scored a great coup in effectively avoiding the Crash of 2008...Slothower stuck to his guns.  And in the fall of this turbulent year, he was the top performer by Hulbert Financial Digest count.”


—Marketwatch.com 1/5/12


Make no mistake – Dennis Slothower is the man whose warnings you want to heed when it comes to the direction of the market.

He not only helped his readers avoid the Market Crash of 2008…he helped them make money.  And he’s been spot-on with his market calls in the three years that have followed, as his number-one ranking confirms.


Right now – in this exclusive video – I’m going to share with you what Dennis is telling his readers about the inevitable U.S. recession and the potential for a devastating market collapse.  


Capital Preservation: Your

Most Important Task in this Market


Right now – with so much danger in the market – there’s one important point that must be in the front of your mind when making any investment decision:


No matter if you’re buying, selling or holding...You cannot afford to lose money.


Here’s what Dennis recently told his paid subscribers about the current market environment:


“I certainly want you to make money, but I sure as heck do not want to you to be caught in a severe market collapse. It only takes one of these to put you out of the game permanently if you’re investing serious money.


“Missing severe market drops is essential to investment success -- and right now we can’t be sure of anything in a pump and dump market environment when it only takes a minor switch to start the next selling phase.”


But that warning is really just the beginning.


There’s also the very real – and immediate – threat of a devastating global recession brought on by a European debt collapse.


As Dennis Slothower recently warned:


As the evidence of an “oil shock” recession mounts, political turmoil is growing.


Clearly, Europe's leaders are struggling to navigate between recession, debt, angry voters and nervous financial markets. 


A gallon of gasoline is now $8 or more in most of the major (European) cities.  High energy prices are forcing Europe into a recession.”


That point that Dennis is emphasizing – that high oil prices are playing a dominant role in the financial markets – is precisely what makes Dennis Slothower’s daily alert bulletins so essential.


In just a few sentences, Dennis takes the day’s most complex financial issues and boils them down into the key idea that’s most important to you.


And in a market environment where the slightest bit of negative news can trigger a quick, 300-point Dow nosedive…


A European collapse would prove to be catastrophic for the stock market.


But again…this is just ONE of the problems we’re facing right now.


Oil prices remain near $100 per barrel…and that fact poses a very real threat to our economy…and to individual investors like you.


Just recently, Dennis warned investors about the danger we’re facing thanks to an “Oil Shock Recession.” Here’s what he said,



“Oil shock recessions are the most damaging and judging by the last two bear markets (of 2000 - 2002 and 2007 – 2008), you can’t afford to misjudge or underestimate the amount of damage that could prove to be ruinous.”


“Crude oil above $85 a barrel means that oil consumption is above 4% of GDP --- still in oil shock territory!!!  Evidence continues to argue the economy is choking on oil shock prices!” 




Dennis Slothower’s market commentary and predictions have been celebrated by mainstream media sources such as Marketwatch.com…and his trading record has been certified by the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest.


And right now…Dennis is not only warning individual investors about the U.S. stock market…he’s also providing specific, easy-to-follow steps for you to take in order to protect yourself and profit – again – in these turbulent conditions.



So here’s what I’d like to do…


I’d like to help prepare you for what’s coming…keep you aware of everything happening in the markets…and help you keep your hard-earned money safe.


Dennis will continue to identify carefully-selected profit opportunities – even in the most volatile market periods.


And he’ll continue to issue daily briefings – sent directly to your email inbox – that explain what’s about to happen next in the markets.


I’ve arranged for you to receive – starting today – a FREE 30-DAY PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s Stealth Stocks Daily Alert investing service.


Remember – this investment service was praised repeatedly by MarketWatch.com and was also recently rated the top performer by Hulbert’s Financial Digest for its performance in the market.


And Stealth Stocks readers were among the few investors who were able to completely avoid ALL LOSSES in 2008 and actually ended the year positive. 


This 30-day preview will help you steer clear of the enormous threat to your wealth that could begin at any time – and help you avoid the kind of losses that wiped out so many investors in 2008.


So I urge you to take advantage of this FREE 30-DAY PREVIEW right now to help make sure you’re prepared for the difficult times that might lie ahead.


Click here NOW to accept your 30-Day FREE PREVIEW of Dennis Slothower’s top-rated Stealth Stocks Daily Alert service!

I'd like to welcome you in advance to Dennis's ultra-safe "inner circle."

You've taken an important step toward protecting yourself during what could be a historic market downturn.

And as Dennis has proven—you'll be able to not only protect your hard-earned wealth but also make money during even the market's worst years.

Welcome aboard,



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