Do Your Stocks Make Money,
Or Do They Just Make News?

It's time to listen to a different viewpoint. The well-known market "experts" on the evening news and CNBC would tell you that the crash of 2000-2002, the tragedy of September 11, and now "Enronitis" will continue to have devastating effects on the markets. So you may be surprised when you hear that veteran financial analyst Dennis Slothower says that a dynamic bull market is right around the corner!

     In a recent article, CBS Marketwatch praised "Time-tested Newsletters" as "Wall Street's New Heroes," stating that, for the most part, the 21st century has been a "bust" for individual investors. The lion's share of stock research is either not available or is too costly for individual investors. The truth is, there IS a source of quality, actionable investment advice out there for individual investors. That source? Investment Newsletters. And NOW is the time to take advantage of a very special newsletter, written by one of the brightest minds in the business.     SUBSCRIBE NOW !

     Dennis Slothower is a well-known money manager who has been writing a successful mutual fund investment newsletter for several years. His latest newsletter, Stealth Stocks represents his best thinking on today's stock market. Dennis is adamant that the stocks he picks might not make headlines, but they will make you money, especially in the coming bull market. The facts are simple: the smallest, and often most successful companies, get scant attention. Many of these stocks aren't household names, they aren't mentioned on CNBC or the evening news, and rarely will your broker even know about them.

     Dennis has spent years devising a system that uses specially designed technical indicators to find his special "Stealth Stocks." Stealth Stocks are excellent buying opportunities as they combine relative strength, relative performance and growth, and stability of earnings. How has your portfolio been holding up? Will you know what to do when the market trends downward? Dennis employs a system to lock in your profits. He's also not afraid of Wall Street and will move into a cash position if need be.

     Since the beginning of this year, several of Dennis' stocks predicted to DOUBLE in value within a year include:

  • February 2003, Endo Pharmaceutical (ENDP) - a +117% profit!
  • February 2003, Medifast (MED) - a +190% profit!
  • February 2003, NetFlix (NFLX) - a +176% profit!
  • March 2003, Closure Medical Corp. (CLSR) - a +114% profit!
  • March 2003, FindWhat (FWHT) - a +238% profit!
  • March 2003, Synovis Life Technology (SYNO) - a +220% profit!
  • April 2003, Rofin-Sinar Technologies (RSTI) - a +120% profit!
  • April 2003, Select Comfort Corp (SCSS) - a +169% profit!

     Are you ready to take advantage of gains like these? Has your portfolio suffered with the latest downturn? Instead of getting mad about it, wouldn't it be more satisfying to get even...and make back some of those losses? Dennis is ready to help you do just that.

     To help get you started, you'll have access to 4 in-depth bonus reports when you subscribe to the StealthStocks newsletter. The 4 reports explain in detail how to make investing less intimidating. You'll have the opportunity to learn about:

  1. Double Digit Profits from the 2004 Presidential Election
  2. Sleep Easy With Stealth Stocks
  3. The Intelligent Use of Stops
  4. Five Stealth Stocks Set to Soar

     Don't hesitate! The "experts" would love to keep their research all to themselves so only they benefit and make the big money. But now you know that there ARE resources out there for individual investors. With a membership in Stealth Stocks, you will be armed with all the information you need to turn your portfolio around.

There's no assurance the past performance of these, or any other recommendations in the newsletter, will be repeated in the future. Information on this Web site and in this publication is based on information and research believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Eastman Communications, Inc., its editors, and its writers cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions.
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