Dow Surges Despite Record Plunge in Markit PMI on Coronavirus

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has rallied since the beginning of August, despite a troubling dip in the broader market. Why do you think that is?

Let’s start with the Dow. When the Dow declined following the August 10 non-farm payrolls report, there was speculation about its weakness. While that did continue, it seems to have been overlooked that the broader market has been somewhat weak following the lackluster jobs report.

What is the source of economic growth? Growth in business and consumer spending. These two factors are the primary reasons why the Dow has made the rallies that it has.

More importantly, the drop in the index didn’t dent the spending power of the broader market. Corporate profits and dividends have increased and more people are buying houses, cars, and real estate.

The decline in the index should not be viewed as a cause for concern, as business and real estate prices were already looking lower thanks to a diminished consumer purchasing base. The key is finding good jobs and improving wages and incomes. This should bring consumers back into the markets.

There are other drivers in the Dow, including the growth in employment, the productivity of business, and the pace of core index increase. But it can be hard to track these numbers. Here’s how you can.

Get an online trading platform. This is a free service that is typically available for a limited time. And when you use it, you’ll have access to the same tools that professional traders use. You can get a real look at how the market is performing in real time.

You can get a list of the largest companies and their stock prices and even get a feel for a large number of them. You can follow their stocks and find out which ones have been rising and which ones have stalled. If you know which sectors of the market have been rising, you can tell whether the divergence between them and the market as a whole is coming to an end.

You can also get a feel for how much volatility you can expect in real time. There are data feeds on each stock that will give you some indication of the market’s over-all state.

You can also get trend lines on various stocks to find out where they are headed. Even if you don’t see much movement, you can still spot potential trades that are likely to work.

I don’t have the training that some of the bigger names in the market have, but I do have a huge trader who knows a lot about trends. He is constantly watching charts, and he helps me spot things. We work together, and I love that we work together and I never have to worry about his feelings about trading, even though he does much of my trading for me.

Stock markets and futures exchanges are not immune to the turmoil going on in the world. If you’re new to the market, or if you’ve been trading for some time, and you’re looking for a way to make money and preserve your assets, don’t forget to use the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a tool.

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