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"Dennis Slothower of Stealth Stocks was one of the few services to make money in 2008 and has a strong longer-term record."

-- Peter Brimelow, Market Watch

"Your advice to sell near the NASDAQ top last year was timely and helpful, while other advisory services remained on a screaming buy."

-- C. M., Austin, TX

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“These stocks don’t fit the model, but they sure make money!”
—Dennis Slothower

A handful of the stocks I recommend are companies that don't fit my computerized stock-picking model, but which have attributes that my 25 years' experience tells me are likely to result in spectacular price moves.

These stocks, appear in every issue of my newsletter in a column called “Five Stocks That Could Double In A Year.” Most of these companies are too small and/or too new for me to accurately measure using my computer models.

For example, one of the ways I analyze a company's stability is to look at how earnings have fluctuated over the years. But if a company doesn't yet have earnings, or has them for just a short period of time, I can't get a meaningful measurement.

Because I can't accurately measure their Inherent Value, Stability, and Relative Strength using my proven algorithms, these stocks tend to be less predictable than the ones that appear in my model portfolios. But what they lack in predictability they make up for with the potential for some pretty impressive gains. Some of these stocks have enjoyed price moves that exceed 350% on an annualized basis!

In recent years, my readers have enjoyed outsized profits from…

• American Pharmaceutical, which shot up 91% in 3 months
• New Century Financial, which skyrocketed 108% in 10 months
• j2 Global, which was up 62% in 4 months
• Fidelity National, which soared 82% in 8 months
• Blue Rhino, which mushroomed 123% in 9 months
• Total Entertainment, which grew 75% in 9 months

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