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"Dennis Slothower of Stealth Stocks was one of the few services to make money in 2008 and has a strong longer-term record."

-- Peter Brimelow, Market Watch

"Your advice to sell near the NASDAQ top last year was timely and helpful, while other advisory services remained on a screaming buy."

-- C. M., Austin, TX

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“I don’t just tell my readers what to buy, I tell them when
to buy.”
—Dennis Slothower

Numerous studies have conclusively proven that between 65% and 70% of a stock's price movement is determined by the overall direction of the market.

Just as it's easier to swim with the tide than against it, it's a whole lot easier to make money in stocks when the market is rising rather than falling. That's why I've tested literally hundreds of market indicators during my 25 years as an investment advisor. Some work under certain market conditions, some work but not quickly enough to have any practical use, and some don't work at all.

Several years ago, I started using detrended stochastics, a powerful indicator that allows me to see long-, intermediate-, and short-term market cycles with startling clarity. You may have heard of stochastics before, but my “detrended” version is considerably more accurate and reliable.

How well does my indicator work? Well, you be the judge. . .

  • In late August of 1987, this indicator signaled that the market was approaching a top. My confirming indicators kicked in shortly thereafter, warning that stock prices were reaching dangerous levels. This helped us to exit the market a full two weeks ahead of the October 1987 crash.

  • In 1990, 1994, 1998 and again in 2003, detrended stochastics pinpointed the market bottom, allowing us to load up on equities and make significant profits as stocks moved higher off these lows.

  • In February 2000, the indicator signaled a dangerously overbought condition for the long-term cycle. This was followed by danger signals for the intermediate and then the short cycle. On Friday, March 27, I advised my newsletter readers to run for the exits, helping them avoid the dramatic market downturn that began the following Monday.

  • In March 2003, this indicator signaled that the market was about to soar. This was at a time when the war with Iraq was about to begin. This signal pinpointed the actual low of 2003.

My proprietary detrended stochastics indicator is now beginning to signal that an upward move is imminent. And the 23 confirming indicators I routinely use are telling me this move could be more substantial than most people realize.

My new Special Report, Sleep Easy With Stealth Stocks, explains in greater detail my proprietary Stealth Stocks stock picking system. It explains how I calculate Inherent Value, Stability, and Relative Performance, three of the four parameters that account for virtually all of a stock’s price movement.

This proprietary report (as well as three others) is yours, absolutely free, with a no-risk subscription to my Stealth Stocks newsletter.

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