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"Dennis Slothower of Stealth Stocks was one of the few services to make money in 2008 and has a strong longer-term record."

-- Peter Brimelow, Market Watch

"Your advice to sell near the NASDAQ top last year was timely and helpful, while other advisory services remained on a screaming buy."

-- C. M., Austin, TX

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“My model portfolios take the guesswork out of investing.”
—Dennis Slothower

Every issue of my Stealth Stocks newsletter contains four model portfolios, filled with stocks selected using my proprietary Stealth Stocks selection system. Each portfolio is designed to fulfill a specific investment need.

  • The Income Portfolio is ideal for investors who need a rising income stream and for whom capital gains are secondary. Stocks in this portfolio rank high in stability. Many investors use these stocks in place of bonds or other fixed income investments.

  • The Growth and Income Portfolio is designed to provide you with both capital gains and an ever-increasing stream of current income. These stocks are equally strong in Stability, Inherent Value, and Relative Strength.

  • The Moderate Portfolio is my “middle of the road” portfolio that's appropriate for the average investor. It features stocks with a fairly high Stability rating. The emphasis here is on capital gains, with minimal volatility. Current income is a secondary objective.

  • The Aggressive Growth Portfolio is the most volatile Stealth Stock portfolio, but also the one that offers the greatest potential for fast profits. Stocks in this portfolio have both high Inherent Value and high Relative Performance.

Unlike investment advisors who remain fully invested at all times, I have no qualms about telling my readers to take profits and head for the sidelines when my proprietary indicators tell me the market is about to head south or the risk/reward ratio makes it unwise to remain invested.

In addition to the model portfolios, each issue of my newsletter contains a column called “Stocks That Could Double in a Year.” There you'll find companies that are more speculative than the stocks in the model portfolios, but have the potential for truly spectacular gains.

For more details about how I find winning Stealth Stocks, consult my new Special Report, Sleep Easy With Stealth Stocks. It's one of four proprietary reports that are yours absolutely free with a risk-free trail subscription to my newsletter.

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consistently ranked as one of America’s five best financial strategists by the fiercely independent Hulbert Financial Digest.

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