Markets Week Ahead: Brexit Talks, Dow Jones, NFPs

Markets Week Ahead: Brexit Talks, Dow Jones, NFPs and Obama’s “Leadership”. Do they really have anything to do with each other?

And if you’re asking the question, “Does Markets Week Ahead: Brexit Talks, Dow Jones, NFPs and Obama’s ‘Leadership’ have anything to do with each other?” then the answer is a resounding yes. This article will provide a brief overview of this issue.

Many on the Right and Left both seem to be at the right place at the right time with their predictions regarding the outcome of the forthcoming Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. Donald Trump is sounding the alarm and his running mate Mike Pence seems to have been almost all over the place. They say that politicians never lead, they follow and their followers follow them. And so it looks like we are going to have another World War, which I think is bad for everyone.

The Democrats and Republicans seem to be too close to each other to offer an honest critique of what is happening and if either party is actually capable of moving the country towards a political solution. The longer this goes on the more intense and volatile this conflict will become. After all, both sides were just using the British issue as a chance to advance their political careers in the upcoming election.

If the American Right, the British Left, and Obama’s leadership for that matter cannot agree on a common enemy or alternative solution, then perhaps there is something missing in the Forecasting Markets Week Ahead. Perhaps, the economic and business news that is not given the proper due diligence is to blame.

Indeed, I hope that the foregoing does not prove to be too much of a challenge for the Best and Brightest in the Business world and that the Best in the Forecasting Markets Week Ahead can pull this off. Afterall, there is a huge need for accurate economic, political, and business information on global and domestic markets and the globe.

After all, we do not want the political leadership in the United States to lose the next election. Yet, this political leadership is not serving the American People, the American People is not served by the political leadership either. Many American Voters and citizens in general are hungry for any useful information that will guide them in making the right choices during the upcoming election.

As this election season rolls on and as the comments from National Security Experts continue to pour in, it has been rather amusing to watch the pundits squabble and counter-squabble about who is correct and how correct. I find it interesting that both sides of the political spectrum in America is agreeing on one thing, there is something very wrong with our political leadership, but both sides of the political spectrum are unable to agree on who is the culprit.

I am sure the political pundits, reporters, and pollsters feel they have done enough research, that they are able to inform the American people on certain issues, which they believe will assist them in making their choices at the voting booth. Yet, if they could provide the American people with accurate information regarding the impact of the last three decades of “Leadership” on the economy and business markets, they could very easily sway the vote.

Therefore, the analysis, Forecasters, and financial gurus need to take some time and really get their facts straight. We do not need another World War, we need to get along with the rest of the world, economically and otherwise. Too many conflicts throughout the world have resulted in the death of countless innocent people.

I don’t need someone to get me fired from my job. Please consider all this.

If the best and brightest of the business and investment world have nothing to do with trade news, what exactly are they doing to tell us about the “Economy.” Please consider all this in 2020.

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