US Dollar Outlook Bullish on FOMC as Virus-Induced Recession Risks Swell

Are you bullish on the US Dollar Outlook Bullish on FOMC as Virus-Induced Recession Risks Swells? The consensus is that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will continue to raise rates to slow down the economic recovery and the market, but the data points point in a different direction. Which is right for you?

Do you believe the FOMC will raise rates for a second time in a row? We are nearing the halfway point of the financial year. Should we expect another rate hike?

The Fed has said no to raising rates, but the market is not convinced. Is the weakness in the market a Fed response to a non-response from the market or does it indicate a longer term slowdown in the economy?

If the Fed remains non-invasive into the market, what is the reason for this “deflation” and why is the markets still reacting to this news? As the currency markets remain tight, it seems the situation is a long term one with uncertainty.

The current global recession is a direct result of the banking crisis and these conditions are not expected to disappear any time soon. Hence, the case for a tightening cycle, however the Fed is apparently unwilling to make the necessary moves. If this trend continues, do we see more economic troubles ahead?

If the US Dollar Outlook is Bullish on FOMC as Virus-Induced Recession Risks Swells, then is the likelihood of another rate hike imminent? Based on the three-month chart, it seems the Fed is staying away from the green light. Should we expect another tightening cycle soon?

It seems central banks worldwide are concerned about the global recession. With the US and most developed nations in negative economic territory, it seems all attention has been put on how to get out of the slump and all attention is now being placed on rate hikes.

With central banks worldwide gearing up for this, why are we still expecting the Fed to tighten policy? It seems the Fed is looking for an “in” after tightening policy.

To summarize, is the Dollar Outlook Bullish on FOMC as Virus-Induced Recession Risks Swells? With the third quarter approaching and the chart showing a continued decline, the market is now anticipating the tightening cycle and may hit bottom soon.

How do you see the Dollar over the next few months? Will it move higher or will it continue to decline, maybe even a lower high? Will the market “bear market” get worse?

Will the Fed raise rates once again and if so, when will it occur? What will the Fed’s target be?

One thing is for sure, the USD/JPY index will continue to climb as the FOMC pushes through rate hikes. Who knows what else will happen as we start to see a short term uptrend in USD/JPY?

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